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Gotta jump before you can walk... by SymphonyOfFireAndIce Gotta jump before you can walk... by SymphonyOfFireAndIce
8th Place

Roy + Adam entering :icontackrack:'s Young Horse Autumn Event.

:la: First Event. Tried practicing digital coloring again. I've been wanting to try out incorporating a light source behind the horse. I really like how this came out. :) I'll definitely be practicing more with digital art in the future.


In the week before Royal Tone's first debut in Hardy Stud's show, everything small that could go wrong went wrong. New feedbags were found empty while feed littered every nook. Water buckets went missing and found later smashed. Roy who was in the last stages of training before the event had thrown his rider, jumped the fence instead, and went the entire night missing.

He was later found in someone's yard eating their flower collection (which we had to reimburse). By then everyone was sleep deprived and grumpy. To make matters worse, the day of the show the trailer had busted a tire. Luckily the driver knew how to change a tire and RCS had finally arrived at their first show rather exasperated.

Adam rode Royal Tone into the showjumping ring. Small wisps of clouds covered the view of the ravine below but the sky above was clear. Roy quivered in anticipation as Adam urged him into a canter and took a successful leap of the first jump that started the Akhal Teke's career.

Horse: RCS Royal Tone [link]
Age: 5
Rider:Adam Veroung

Cloud/saddle pad design/ribbon brush I believe was from :iconredheadstock:

Referenced multiple images from google images for anatomy.
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Forgotten-Trident Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
That's awesome, I really like it c:
Thank you! :)
CommitMe Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pony :3 pretty horsey
Thank you :)
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